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Medical Fabrics

Disposable Gowns

  • PP + PE coated non-woven fabric

  • 30 gsm to 70 gsm

  • Breathable

  • Non-sterile

Fortiva Filter

  • 2-Ply disposable filter insert for re-usable non-medical masks

  • Made with one layer of medical grade melt-blown fabric with enhanced microbial barrier protection and one layer of 21 gsm non-woven filter fabric

  • Filter fits most types of re-usable masks

  • Size 6" x 3"

  • 10/pack

  • Made in Canada

Coated Fabrics

Medical Fabrics.jpg
  • Inherent antimicrobial and anti-viral

  • Kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses responsible for infections, stains, and degradation of textiles

  • Silver nano technology incorporated in the fibres

  • High wash durability

  • Microbial count on the fabric is reduced by 99% and the fabric remains effective even after 100 washes

  • Meets requirements for:

    • AATCC 100 ​

    • NFPA 701

    • International Anti-Microbial Test JISL 1902/ ISO 20743 

    • Skin friendly - ISO 10993-10

  • Can be used in a variety of finished products such as uniforms, scrubs, hospital linens and curtains

Tyvek Fabric & Gowns

Lightweight and durable, Tyvek® is breathable, yet resistant to water, abrasion, bacterial penetration and aging, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications across diverse industries.

We can provide disposable gowns on special order. Contact us for details.

Technical Medical Textiles

Proprietary technology for polymer coated woven fabrics used for treatment of a variety of dermatological disorders.

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