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Technology and R&D

Bringing Visions to Reality

At Fortiva Health, we believe the future of healthcare depends on efficient delivery of healthcare both at the population and the individual level. We support initiatives that advance this vision. Our AI technology help move us closer to these objectives. The video on this page demonstrates an example of the adaptation of our AI technology to tackle the current problem of physical distancing. This AI driven technology monitors public dynamics to help maintain physical distancing and deliver insights necessary for devising effective public health policies.

We bring extensive technical financial expertise to support both internal and external initiatives. Our latest initiative is the introduction of nanotechnology coating for fabrics. Our latest polymer coated fabrics used in production of specialty garments have been scientifically proven to protect and treat the human skin from a variety of irritants that cause such problems as itching, dryness, redness and irritation. This product has received certification and approvals in Europe and United States. We are now conducting another trial for FDA certification for treatment of certain dermatological conditions.

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