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About Us

Safeguarding Your Health


Fortiva Health started in 2014 with a simple mission to bring the best products and innovations to improve healthcare everywhere. We do this in three simple steps:

  • Support Innovation

  • Continuously advance good health with best products and services

  • Leveraging and expanding our reliable international supply chain

A key strength of Fortiva Health is our international network of offices in Canada, UK, UAE and Brazil. We put our substantial reach in the market at your service. Our international reach has been the center of our response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our supply chain is quick to deliver crucial personal protection products when and where it is needed. 

Beyond tailored responses to the pandemic, we have tirelessly endeavored since 2014 to bring innovative solutions for improving quality of life. From using nanotechnology to create protective fabrics, to life saving equipment; we strive everyday to be your partner in good health.

Contact us today and put Fortiva Health on your side.

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